UI / Interaction / Creative Coding / Illustrations


A visual journal that allows patients to record feelings and symptoms, overtime creating their personal health story

Autonomous Car Interface (Augmented Reality)

Timeline, Goal, & Illustrations for Stash App (Interaction + Visual Design)

Elevator Thoughts - An Experiment To Promote Elevator Conversations

Creative coding experiment to reduce the awkwardness in an elevator. Using a projected screen on the elevator door, the camera recognizes faces and displays them on the screen with funny captions of what they might be thinking based on their expressions. See its basic demo here(make sure your camera is allowed in browser, and you have at least 1-2 people around to bring in the frame with you to activate other faces).

SVA, Interaction Design App (UX Design)

Art Alive - Hand Drawn Sketch

AI Driven Car Booking (Concept Wireframe)

Project: I draw what I eat (Illustrated series of my cooking recipes!)

New York Times Contextual Ads (Concept Flow)

Central Park Conservancy (Website Redesign)

Visually - Learn Fundamentals of Visual Design (Concept + UX Design)

Outside the Bubble Travel Journal (Cover Design)